In our wide experience of stuttering treatment, stuttering in children and in adults who stutter, we noticed in several cases, the resistances to overcome the problem. It is made so much research and so many thoughts on this, and we have come to make some interesting observations on how to enhance the resources to be made available to the stutterer in the process of care.

If we consider stuttering as a disorder that manifests itself through language, we know for sure that the stutterer when he wants and if you put it at ease, speaks normally. It ‘obvious that the implications of the emotional sphere are strongly present in this issue. Nevertheless, there are resistance to change that some stutterers or parents of children who stutter tend to frame as treatment failures, abandoning himself to despair or to migrate from one model of care to another.

These resistances are due to different conditions is subjective, both environmental and even cultural, due to a chaotic situation of approach to the problem, which pushes the stutterer to wander from side to side, creating doubts about the real possibility of leaving out issue.

In the field of analytical always refers to the negative therapeutic reaction, a model of reactivity antagonist to the care of any methodological approach this may be, as if no mode of operation can be achieved. This situation inevitably raises the idea that a gene may be defective or that any kind of intervention to be effective, or worse, that the therapist is not adequately prepared to handle the issue.

Dr. Bitetti always attentive to the demands of the stutterer, not forgetting the work done so far and on the basis of continuous updates, in Italy and in the rest of the world, has proposed a radical change in the treatment of stuttering, a more empathetic approach towards those who suffer from this disorder, giving rise to a real genuine therapeutic innovation:

Therapy and a method of treatment that will change from now on how to deal with stuttering. The stuttering will be able to confidently rely to a full dynamic for the care of his trouble. There will be no need to go from one side to the other and will be in a position to permanently get rid of this his problem.