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The European Institute for Stuttering (IEB) was born initially as a center for the therapy of stuttering and over time has become a driving force for operating other interesting fields, such as: the thematic areas related to the psychology of communication.

Dr. Bitetti had long realized the importance of broadening the spectrum of activity, due to its psychological training, aimed essentially to the dynamics of the groups, the network of interpersonal relationships and the different communication strategies, which are the field of elective study of scientific disciplines that underpin the solid preparation of the founder.

Generally, in the field of research is fundamental to publish. To define the innovators in any field you need to say things really more advanced than the things said by others in the past. In this, our institute has definitely primate indisputable. This is evident from the amount of work disclosed by Dr Bitetti, a true pioneer in the field of stuttering. When the vast majority followed the path of re-education as a means elective treatment of stuttering, Dr. Bitetti has begun to talk about relational aspect of this problem, taking responsibility and giving confirmation to the concept very dear to him of eminent psychological implication of this disorder .

Even Demosthenes, the great orator greek lived in 384-322 BC stutterer and he too, sensed the profound psychological implication of stuttering, with a relentless and meticulous work on himself, he managed to successfully overcome the

his language difficulties, to become the greatest orator of Greek history. In many quarters there is talk of organic causes in the etiology of stuttering, but none of those who support this argument fails to understand or explain why many stutterers heal or be healed as this important character of Hellenic history.

It ‘s true that many others realized the psychological implications, but do not have the courage to talk about it, maybe they do not know fully that many internal mechanisms, Dr. Bitetti has just begun to study and deepen in a serious scientific.

To demonstrate this, and we have the evidence, many papers published by the founder of the European Institute for Stammering and the Psychology of COMMUNICATION Ltd., have been fully taken up and published by others in the industry and, moreover, with a kind of training decidedly away from the psychological. Our institute has done scientific research and advanced research the cornerstone of his work and of his success. Institution must converge so many experiences in the service of all users. That the case relates to the child or involving the adult, the end result will always be the widest and most thorough awareness of the dynamics that underlie the personal problem of stuttering, with obvious positive evolution of those who live this difficulty.