Psychologist and psychotherapist has experienced firsthand the problem of stuttering.

Founder of the European Institute for Stammering and the Psychology of COMMUNICATION Ltd.

Graduated in Psychology to address the Application at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome, with a thesis entitled “endorphins and stress” through a collaboration with the Institute of Experimental Psychobiology of CNR in Rome.

He’s a regular member of the National Association of Psychologists and Mental Health. Practicing his profession in the private sector on issues such as: anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, depressive disorders on the basis of neurotic, self-depreciation, shyness, sexual dysfunction, psychosomatic disorders, insomnia on the basis of psychogenic problems of adolescence, therapy of torque. For twenty years, is actively engaged in the therapy of stuttering at national and international level, with an innovative method of treatment called: Integrated Approach.

His research in this field are certainly at the forefront, both in terms of both methodological and interpretative for the care of children and adults suffering from stuttering. His research interests are not the result of cloning or imitation of other methods and concepts, they are the result of serious and thorough research on the dynamics of the deep stuttering problem.

It ‘was the first in Italy and this is documented by scientific reports and publications, to talk about relationship problems, while emphasizing the possibility of a predisposition to the problem. He always stressed in all appropriate fora, the need for more serious and scientific research, to empower the stutterer to a suitable culture and not merely commercial of the problem.

Made an experience of group analysis lasted five years at the University ‘Cattolica in Rome – Policlinico “Agostino Gemelli”, at the suggestion of the late Professor Leonardo Ancona, a pioneer of studies of the dynamics of the groups in our country. This experience has been the environment where he was able to successfully overcome and finally his stuttering problem and where he could lay the groundwork for a better understanding of this disorder of language.

Among the experts in the field of treatment of stuttering is the only one that can boast such a profound and radical evolution of this problem, so that, in the many national and international conferences in which he participated, his experience is the subject of significant reflections .

The group analysis is an interesting dynamic for all issues that relate to the human being and his interpersonal relationships. The dr. Bitetti has been able to personally verify, through its evolution, as stuttering is a problem of emotional and profound implication relationship that goes beyond the outdated concepts of rehabilitation of language and therapy on purely symptomatic.

He is able to get to the heart of the problem, through a deep analysis of the intra-psychic relations that underlie stuttering. This formative process are the security and certainty for the client to trust really an expert.